Baby baby

15 Aug

Well I’m pretty terrible at blogging about my baby. He’s almost 6 months old. I just published his birth story today. (Did you notice I back-dated it though? That’s when I actually wrote it, I re-read it and didn’t even remember some of that stuff.) I could feel quite guilty about this, 6 months of my little man’s life undocumented in cyberspace, horrible! But don’t worry I have plenty of other things to feel guilty about, like not doing birth announcements (his fault, he was early), or putting him in front of the TV in his swing so I can shower (showering is important), giving him formula (because try as I might, I am not a cow) or asking him in the middle of the night ” WHY WON’T YOU SLEEP?!?” (as if he would actually explain it to me). All of those guilts seemed to have shoved the “not blogging each month about my baby” guilt out of my mind. But I don’t want to forget I don’t want to lose memories in my sleep deprived state. So here I am again.

I may have blown the blogging thing, but I do take pictures.

2013-03-02 18.17.13The day we brought him home. So tiny!

He quickly earned the nickname “peanut” because he was so little. I realize many babies are littler than he was, but he’s a peanut. We were prescribed lots of skin-to-skin time. What’s a baby kangaroo called again? That should have been his nickname.

2013-03-03 20.38.08

It’s really miraculous that he didn’t have any health problems, not even jaundice which I would have actually been OK with all things considered. We did and still do have some struggles with nursing, did you know the muscles necessary to nurse aren’t fully developed until 38 weeks? Literally at 38 weeks he started to figure it out. Amazing.2013-03-05 09.56.24

2013-02-24 11.41.28

His dogs love him. Posie was a shocker, she’s a mama’s girl who suddenly gets a lot less mama attention. But you can regularly find her near H. Usually trying to lick him, hopefully not because she wants to eat him. Ruthie was VERY concerned about what we brought home and also had a strong urge to clean him.¬†

He’s also really awesome at making faces. This was in the span of about 1 minute.2013-03-08 16.21.39I think this one is HILARIOUS. In 2 years when he’s throwing temper tantrums and making this face, I can guarantee I will not think it’s hilarious.

2013-03-17 20.26.20(insert awesome caption about what he’s saying)

2013-03-16 21.25.53

He might looked scared, but he loves his daddy. See, such a peanut, looks so tiny in daddy’s arms.

2013-03-29 10.19.37

He loves bow ties. (Insert Josh rolling his eyes) This was Easter, I was beside myself. He is the best old man baby ever.

2013-03-21 20.30.04The long and the short of it is that he is one very loved boy.

more to come. probably.


36 week surprise: a birth story

13 Mar


Caution: LONG post ūüôā

I was pretty convinced that I would probably go past our due date. Being my first pregnancy I figured it would just be my luck that I’d be huge, uncomfortable and waiting for little guy to make his appearance.


Right around my 35 week appointment, my hands and feet started itching like crazy, mostly at night. I googled it (duh) and read that it was a fairly normal reaction to changes in hormones during pregnancy so I kind of wrote it off. But it was getting really annoying, especially when I would be scratching my feet in my sleep and scooting them on the carpet to scratch them, so I went in to see if I could take some benadryl or something to stop the itch. I got the go ahead to take benadryl, but they also wanted to take a blood sample and do an ultrasound. Worse case scenario: cholestatis of preganancy.

No problems on the ultrasound, little guy was looking good and over 5lbs. So we went on our merry way, popping benadryl every night.


On February 20 I was at work, starting to get everything in order for my maternity leave, when my midwife called. They had just gotten the blood test results back (they had to be sent to Mayo) and I did have cholestasis and it wasn’t exactly a mild case (normal bile salt levels around around 10, mine were at 60). She told me we were going to have the baby, pack a bag and come to the hospital.

Now I consider myself pretty good under pressure, so I took a deep breath and evaluated the situation. I let someone at work know what was going on and headed home. Of course my hubs was in a meeting and didn’t have his phone. Cue crazy wife non-stop calling. Eventually someone heard his phone ringing non stop and got him out of the meeting. I gave him the news, I felt like he kicked into crisis management mode too, and headed home.

Meanwhile I’m frantically trying to pack a bag having no idea what I’ll really need. Then I remembered the onsie that I was going to make to announce his name, this clearly was a priority, so when hubs got home I’m in the basement making a onsie. Totally normal thing to be doing.

Right before we head out the door, my sister came home. Obviously confused by my suitcase she said “You going somewhere?” “ummm, yeah, the hospital” Her reaction probably more accurately summed up how we were all feeling as she freaked out a little bit.


We drove to the hospital, trying to process what was happening, checked in, got to our room, 621, and waited. I really couldn’t wrap my mind around what was about to happen. I really didn’t feel done being pregnant; I wasn’t that big, I wasn’t uncomfortable, I hadn’t nested, I hadn’t even had any cool cravings. But it was time, obviously his health was the most important thing, so there we were.

We were told we could go eat in the cafeteria (mmmmm) and come back by 6 because they were going to start inducing me at 7pm. We both tried to choke down some cafeteria food (again, mmmmm) and talk about what we still needed, when and what we should tell our parents, and what we should name him. We did eventually call our parents, who of course wanted to come and be there with us. We tried to convince them to stay home and wait until the next day, but parents will be parents.

We got back to the room, met with our midwife and got ready to be induced. We started the Cervidil at 7pm and were told that at 7 am they would start Pitocin. We were supposed to relax and sleep, which seemed impossible, which is probably why I got some meds for sleep :). Hubs spent his first night on the hospital pullout and me in my hospital bed, where our little guy would be born.
2013-02-20 23.03.10

Pitocin starts at 7am, along with a ton of fluids, monitors, none of which were what I wanted for this birth. I was hoping to go as long as possible with as little drugs as possible. I wanted to be up and moving and trying different pain management techniques, pushing positions, etc. Quickly we learned that I would be confined to the bed for the whole deal, so we took a deep breath, let go of those expectations and got ready for whatever was next.

I don’t know how we passed the time that day, but we did. There wasn’t much action until they broke my water. I like to think that after that he realized they were draining his pool, he was ready to get out of there. By that point my blood pressure was also higher than they’d like, so the doctor and midwife recommended an epidural to help bring it down. I was feeling the pain at that point and couldn’t do much about it except wriggle around in pain on the bed, so I wasn’t opposed. By the time the¬†anesthesiologist got there, I was ready for some type of pain relief.

Like I said, I think he once we started draining the pool, the little guy was ready to get out because the epidural didn’t exactly work. Every contraction I felt like I was going to throw up. McKenna, our awesome nurse said that was good because it might mean I was transitioning. Awesome, please stop the pain though. Apparently I looked horrible because they brought the anesthesiologist back in to give me a little something extra. Then I couldn’t feel my legs. At some point my midwife came back in to check me and to all of our surprise I was about to start pushing.

My blood pressure still wasn’t going down so unfortunately they decided to give me magnesium. I hadn’t heard good things about it, but it was supposed to keep us both safe so we sucked it up. They started the “mag” about 7:00pm on February 21, I started pushing soon after. I couldn’t feel ANYTHING at that point, but my midwife and nurse got me ready to go and after about 15 minutes of pushing, Henry Lynn Hibben was born at 7:21pm.


Throughout this entire ordeal, Henry was totally fine. Every nurse who was monitoring his heart beat said that we had a “very happy baby”; his heatbeat was right where they want it to be, it responded perfectly to the contractions. They had NICU nurses in the room, ready to take him if needed. He didn’t need them, he didn’t need oxygen or any other interventions. He is PERFECT.

The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind. Although we were prepared materially, we were not mentally. We are so glad that he’s here, he’s healthy and he’s ours. Right now we’re working on eating and sleeping (both Henry and mom and dad:) and adjusting to life as a family of 3.

35 Weeks

14 Feb

Copy of 54

Well somewhere ¬†between 32 and 35 weeks the uncomfortableness of pregnancy has decided to grace me with its presence. I can’t really complain because for the 20 weeks or so before that things were pretty great. I no longer feel cute, the little guy is running out of room in there and I’m itchy.

oh baby-003

Luckily {Re}Bekah came over this weekend to distract me and take some more shots before it’s too late. I can’t wait to share with you the¬†maternity shoot, believe it or not I will not be standing in front of a window.

  • How far along? 35 weeks
  • Total weight gain: I’m going with 30 at this point. I wore big ol’ boots to my last appointment and was told I gained 5lbs. Those boots weigh at least 3lbs.
  • Maternity clothes? ¬†Mostly pants, but I’ve gotten away with wearing mostly non-maternity stuff
  • Stretch marks? Not yet (still, STILL! (how can this be?))
  • Sleep: shifting positions is quite the ordeal, round ligament pains get me when I try to stretch a little.
  • Miss anything? feeling cute.
  • Movement: still moving around as much as he can, I don’t think he has much space anymore.
  • Food cravings: I have resigned myself to the fact I will probably not have any cool food cravings to speak of.
  • Anything making you queasy or sick: No, thank you God
  • Gender: BOY!
  • Labor signs: no, but apparently I should be having Braxton Hicks.
  • Symptoms: heartburn, round ligament pain, frequent bathrooms ¬†stops, I want to take naps.
  • Belly button in or out? In. Think we’ll probably stay this way.
  • Wedding rings on or off? I am really upset about having to take it off. I could always get it off by the end of the day, but my fingers are so swollen when I wake up, I don’t want to take any chances.
  • Happy or moody most of the time: Still good!
  • Looking forward to: baby snuggles.

32 weeks

22 Jan


Phew! It has been a busy three weeks and I cannot believe that we’re down to 8 weeks! We’ve started our birthing class, went on a baby moon and had a baby shower all in the last three weeks.

after bouncing up and down the stairs like it was nothing

after bouncing up and down the stairs like it was nothing

I can’t say the classes have really been all that helpful, actually it may be giving Josh an anxiety complex. After one particularly graphic video segment, he leaned over to me and said, “I think you better call your sister, I don’t think I can do this.” To which I replied “YOU don’t think YOU can do this?!?!?” Later when I asked him what he was so worried about he said that he’s afraid he’ll be so emotional that he’ll be sobbing in the corner and no help to me. I’m pretty confident that he’ll be functional, but I still thought it was pretty sweet. He rocked the empathy belly, but I insisted on pointing out that 35 lbs is a lot different when you’re 6’5 rather than 5’6.

Camera Uploads

We babymooned in Florida because you can’t go on a cruise after 27 weeks (I’m still bitter about that). We had a very relaxing low-key time and I have never felt so good in a bikini! I am more than happy to rock this little¬†sizable¬†baby bump.


And this weekend my sisters and sister-in-law threw us a fabulous shower with people who have known me since I was born to people I’ve only gotten to know and love in the last couple months. It was great and I have some of the most thoughtful, creative and talented friends and family a girl (and baby) could ask for!

  • How far along? 32 weeks
  • Total weight gain: 25
  • Maternity clothes? ¬†Not always
  • Stretch marks? Not yet (still (how can this be?)
  • Sleep: shifting positions is quite the ordeal, but I still sleep plenty.
  • Miss anything? sleeping on my stomach
  • Movement: wiggly little guy! I’ve been playing Johnny Cash for him at night and he’s been working on his dance moves.
  • Food cravings: I haven’t sent Josh out to get me anything specific, but I have eaten a box of Rice Krispies in 3 days.
  • Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!
  • Gender: BOY!
  • Labor signs: no
  • Symptoms: a little heartburn, I get out of breath pretty easily.
  • Belly button in or out? In. It has a long way to go if it’s going to be an outie.
  • Wedding rings on or off? On
  • Happy or moody most of the time: really pretty mellow. Someone asked Josh today if I was catty yet (he actually made a clawing motion and “rawr”ed) and Josh said that I wasn’t and that it’s been pretty easy for him. Go me!
  • Looking forward to: well I guess baby getting here now! It’ll be nice to have the nursery all put together and full of what we need.

29 weeks

4 Jan

So we head off tomorrow (entirely too early) for our babymoon! We’re taking a short trip down to Florida to relax, hopefully get a little sun and prepare ourselves to not have a vacation without children for quite a long time.

But as I was clearing our memory card, I found some of the pictures I tried to take of myself really early on to track progress. It’s abundantly clear to me why Re{Bekah} is taking my photos now. Now I feel like maybe these should make me a little depressed since I’ve grown so much, but I found these and was like “hot damn!” I’ll be happy to get back to that! I have never been a small girl, but from where I’m sitting now, early pregnancy me was pretty svelte!

{about 14 weeks}

{about 14 weeks}

{about 17 weeks}

{about 17 weeks}

So I’ll try to spare you the beached whale photos when we get back, but I am totally rocking a bikini with this belly.

  • How far along? 29 (almost 30) weeks
  • Total weight gain: 20 (I feel the need to make excuses: holidays, growing baby)
  • Maternity clothes? ¬†The few pieces I do own are getting their fair share of wear.
  • Stretch marks? Not yet (how can this be?)
  • Sleep: shifting positions is quite the ordeal, but I still sleep plenty.
  • Miss anything? Not really, although I would have liked a glass of wine on New Years!
  • Movement: Moving and shaking
  • Food cravings: Nothing stands out.
  • Anything making you queasy or sick: I’m over it
  • Gender: BOY!
  • Labor signs: no
  • Symptoms: a little heartburn, I get out of breath pretty easily.
  • Belly button in or out? In. It has a long way to go if it’s going to be an outie.
  • Wedding rings on or off? On
  • Happy or moody most of the time: the emotions are in full swing! But it’s not that bad ūüėČ
  • Looking forward to: babymoon!


27 weeks

19 Dec

Baby is on the move! Almost every night when I finally lay down Mr. Baby practices gymnastics. It is the feeling of having an alien in your body. It’s kind of awesome. And he is the size of a head of cauliflower.


At our last ultrasound Mr. Baby decided that regardless of what the tech needed to take pictures of, he thought his behind should be photographed. She kept trying to move him out of the way or turn him with the little ultrasound wand, but somehow he figured out how to get his behind front and center. I had to laugh when we left because I could just imagine him sticking his little tush out and asking “is this what you’re looking for?” “Did you get this?” “Oh excuse me is my butt in the way?” More fun to come I’m sure.

2012-12-03 10.12.48

{Not his behind}

More stats: he’s currently breech, keeping that behind down and his legs over his head. The ultra sound tech told us that her granddaughter spent all of her time in utero with her legs over her head and when she made her arrival he legs would keep shooting back up so they had to put little sandbags on them to stretch the muscles out. He is in the 54th percentile for height and weight (thank you Jesus, my husband is 6’5).


  • How far along? 27 weeks
  • Total weight gain: 16.2 lbs
  • Maternity clothes? ¬†I hate maternity pants so I’m getting along fine with stretch pants and dresses/sweaters. I did buy a new winter dress coat because buttoning my other one was becoming problematic.
  • Stretch marks? Not yet
  • Sleep: pretty well, for some reason I don’t need to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night anymore.
  • Miss anything? Not annoying pants
  • Movement: He is bouncing around as I type this, he gave Josh a good kick earlier this week; take that Dad!
  • Food cravings: Still probably eating too many sweets, still can’t decide if it’s lack of self control, cravings, or just the holidays.
  • Anything making you queasy or sick: I still don’t eat many cooked veggies
  • Gender: BOY!
  • Labor signs: no
  • Symptoms: is weight gain a symptom
  • Belly button in or out? In. It has a long way to go if it’s going to be an outie.
  • Wedding rings on or off? On and actually pretty loose right now.
  • Happy or moody most of the time: pretty happy, I’m liking this part of being pregnant and still no random hormone freakouts lately.
  • Looking forward to: unabashedly wearing stretch pants throughout the holidays.

27 collage

24 Weeks

29 Nov

Well strangers have been asking me when the baby’s due, so I think I’m past the awkward maybe I’m gaining weight/maybe I’m pregnant stage!


I hate pants right now.

I also haven’t been able to resist a few clothing purchases for the little guy.

The need for baby formal wear is apparently a real concern of mine.

  • How far along? 24 weeks
  • Total weight gain: 15 lbs (I’ve re-evaluated my weight gain and decided that I’m only at 15)
  • Maternity clothes? ¬†some days, I make it quite a few without
  • Stretch marks? Not yet
  • Sleep: pretty well
  • Miss anything? Not annoying pants
  • Movement: There are two distinct types of movement now. The twisting his whole body movements and the kicks and punches. I kind of like the whole body shifts because it’s such a distinct sensation. I hope you’re comfortable in there!
  • Food cravings: Not really, but maybe sweets, but that could also be lack of self control.
  • Anything making you queasy or sick: cooked veggies
  • Gender: BOY!
  • Labor signs: no
  • Symptoms: heartburn
  • Belly button in or out? In.
  • Wedding rings on or off? On.
  • Happy or moody most of the time: pretty happy, no random hormone freakouts lately
  • Looking forward to: unabashedly wearing stretch pants throughout the holidays.